Servicios de limpieza

Deep high pressure cleaning and renovation of outdoor terraces using a set of machines, degreasers and chemical products. 

Every deck requires deep cleaning of mold, bacterias, and heavy dirt at least once a year.

We will do this job professionally for you.

And we'll get it back to you like new!

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Servicios de Limpieza

limpieza profunda de todo tipo de sofás y alfombras

servicios de limpieza
PPPClean • Servicios de Limpieza (Baix Empordà & Girona) • Más que limpieza. Tu hogar en las mejores manos.

Carpet and sofa cleaning is done to remove stains, dirt and allergens from carpets.

Common methods include hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and vacuuming.

We are here to save you any more worries!

Limpieza de alta presión
Limpieza de alta presión



PPPCLEAN offers you specialised cleaning for family homes, everything you want can be cleaned in detail. We focus on cleaning sidewalks and terraces. In the interior part of the house, we clean the pavement, decalcify or perform the classic deep tapping.

Exterior cleaning includes